About GupShup

Part I – What is GupShup?

Namashkar Devio or Sajjano… 😉

My name is Shailee Sheth – Daughter of Snehal Sheth and Jignasha Snehal Sheth. I am the prime author of this site.

We are a small team who is the truly believe in the beauty of life! In spite of all the odds, all the challenges, Life is beautiful. But, subject to some conditions! That’s why our main motto is; Life is *beautiful… *Conditions applied!

Now, what’s that?

So, what are those conditions? Are they inside us or outside? Can we develop ourselves according to them? How to find out and cope up with such conditions?  How to find other people who also believe in the same? There are many questions and lots of confusions. We want to work on that, but obviously, support of ‘GupShup Community’ will be needed!!!

We are seeing many things inside us and many situations outside us – which are not the way it should be! Can we do something about that? Can we make an attempt at first to change ourselves a little bit before changing the world? Can we keep ‘a check’ in our thought processes and how do we see the people/situations around us? Can we change our responses towards any situations? Think about it!

Community Connections

There are many organizations and the bunch of people, who are actively working in making some difference in themselves as well as the situations around them – silently, without becoming heavy, enjoying the life to its fullest!!! We just want to create a bridge between them and the society around us to spread such positivity.

GupShup can be the platform to get connected with such like-minded people, communities, and groups. We can exchange our thoughts, experiences, beauties of life, and lots more…

We will try to make a difference together – slowly but continuously – just by regular GupShup.

So… Stay Connected! 🙂

GupShup Team

Part II – Behind The Scenes…

50th Birthday Gift to a Father! – Aaje kaik PAPPA mate… 🙂

To impress a Father is the toughest job as per my opinion. Many of my friends are knowing that I always try to impress my father SOMEHOW… for MANY years! 😀

Aa badhu ochu hoy em, Nowadays he is my employer also! Confused? Let me explain…

After my completion of studies, I decided NOT TO FIND JOB right now! Why? Because I want to know my capabilities and interests before entering the professional world!

Many of us doing the things, study/job which we don’t love! There are certain reasons for responsibility on many of us I agree! But fortunately, I had choice + chance to know me better!

Many people are not agreeing with me on this topic, and some are thinking that I am running away from my responsibility and being lazy; so I went for “expert’s advice” about this to my father! And to my surprise, he was agreed with my perception & decision!

Like an awesome telepathy, he was expecting and wanted to ask me about the same, but in some different way! He made a curriculum for engaging me in different activities!

Such activities categorized in –

  • Physical Strength,
  • Emotional Strength,
  • Social Skills,
  • Financial Skills,
  • Home Science, and
  • Life Skills, etc.

I have to complete each task within a certain period and keep reporting to him – the boss! Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports I have to submit! And after each month, he pays some amount of money according to my performance like PBP, PMP, PAP, & PSAP! 😀

I know it seems funny and like a family game! But trust me – it’s not! IT IS TOUGH… 🙁

But yes, I am learning a lot in this process and mainly in each field! I am trying to become independent too! I get confused sometimes and yes, craving for the professional job is there! But what I am doing right now – is quite satisfying too as I am doing it for last 2 months – from June – 2016.

Thank you, papa, for putting trust in me and always motivating me when my self-esteem is being worst! I really need you as my boss! But one and only sad point is I can’t criticize my boss publicly like other people can! :p

I will keep trying to impress you… Today as it’s your 50th… oops… 40th birthday… 😉 I want to follow your dream for me and start my own blog page.

Happy Half Century Pappa… :*

Aapki Parchhai – Guddu




2 thoughts on “About GupShup

  1. Hello Shailee,

    Hope everything is going according to the plan.

    I am amazed at what you are doing… The whole idea of creating of this website, putting yourself through a modulated training schedule for 6 months in various aspect of life etc., is really a wonderful and innovative experiment which I am sure will leave you with best learnings of life before you start actual life after studies.

    I always say there is a person inside person who is not visible to all. I have known Snehal for a long time but never had a chance to know this part of of him as a father. I must say kudos to him for encouraging you with free spirit.

    I am pretty sure you will make best out of this and I also appreciate that you expressed your true feelings about taking up a job to your parents.

    I have two daughters and I haven’t pressurised any of them to go for professional courses like medicine, engineering or pharmacy, though I am a post graduate in Engineering. One of them took commerce and the other arts. I believe, that’s the easy part, the difficult part for me is not to get worried how they will do in their life. I am sure they will do what is good for them in their life. I am sure you will also choose and pursue what is exciting for you today and going forward in your life.

    I loved this “special” gift to your father who is really a special person.

    All the best in your future endeavours. God bless you with happiness always.

    With best wishes,

    Pradeep Chakravarty

    1. Hello Sir,

      First of all I want to apologise for replying so late! Many things are going on in life and much more in the mind! [Of course, it can be taken as an excuse, but as I am “trying” to be professional from nonprofessional; so it can be forgiven! After all first ball is always a trial ball. Haha]

      Now, I really really want to say THANK YOU. You have no idea how this separate mail (Reply on GupShup Blog page) of yours has encouraged and motivated me! It means a lot sir! 🙂 As you said; I am trying hard to find the “Inside” person who resides in me, but as per my knowledge It is taking time to come out! 😀

      Plus, I really want to appreciate your daughters’ career decisions! Why? i have my own reasons. I was so interested in all the languages in my school life and I was good too. But the mentality of ‘Not to take Arts when you score well’ was there in my mind. That was my mistake. Yes, I have completed my graduation in commerce and then Masters in Social Work, but I might be best in the field of Arts too! So I am glad that they were, are and will be on the right directions always. Wish to meet them in future…

      Thank you so much for your warm wishes. From now onwards I have plans to post regularly on GupShup blog page, I hope I can improve! 🙂

      Suggestions and guidance are always needed… So try to stay tuned… :p

      Shailee Snehal Sheth

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