What should older generation learn from the younger generation?

We all are equal - Shailee Sheth

What should older generation learn from the younger generation?

Ohhh… What a debatable topic this is! Isn’t it? We all have heard (so many times) that all of us should learn this and that from the older generation – their experience, their understandings, their capabilities, their attitudes, and what not! Remember all that ‘Humare zamane me to…’ type conversations we had more than once in our lifetime?

But, I strongly believe that we – ‘ye aajkal k bacche’ have so much in us, which have been neglected by the elders, just because they think; we are ‘still so young to understand the twists of life.’ Let’s talk about something out of the box today. Obviously, the discussions will be open in the comment section. 😉

  1. Acceptance

Okay, so the very first thing older people should learn from the younger generation is “Acceptance.” We accept the people the way they are! It is difficult maybe, but it is the reality nowadays. We don’t try to control everyone and everything, and like this, we stay happy – with fewer expectations and much more acceptance.

Our generation has been accepting and open to those who want to engage in same-sex marriage, transgender bathrooms, women’s rights, abortion, not being married, etc.

  1. Equality

We do not discriminate. We allow courage, opportunities, efforts, and passion. We believe in the equal rights of a man and a woman. Please don’t judge us when a man cooks and a woman becomes CEO. Trust me; our generation is JUST FINE with that. We have more understanding of equality than most of the older people think!

We all are equal - Shailee Sheth

  1. Transparency

We are open-minded people – really open-minded! We prefer honesty and practicality. We are clear about our intentions and try not to hide them. We do not make deals of relationships, but yesss… we discuss! We are open for our faults and never ashamed accepting them in public. We respect everyone’s opinions, even if it is hard to accept.

  1. Utilization of technology

WE DO NOT WASTE TIME ON TECHNOLOGY, ALWAYS! Yes, we are quite distracted, but we have knowledge! We can control ourselves if there is a need to do the same. Older people should be friendly with technology, just to understand what we are really expecting from technology. It’s an ocean.

  1. Versatility

The younger generation is vibrant and versatile. We can have degrees for something else and are doing something else for a living. Maybe, we are following our dreams and if it takes more than the desired time, that’s completely okay! We may be self-obsessed, but do not believe in ‘having regrets.’ We work hard, really hard to make sure that our work’s done. We love to try different things.

  1. Risk Taking

When it comes to taking a risk, older people are wise, undoubtedly as we do not have enough market experiences. But, we are always open for opportunities. You can say that we have urges to be failed, because we think that it is the only thing from which we can learn. Don’t grab it from us.

  1. Dealing Heartbreaks

Breakups are not a big deal nowadays and older generation should understand that. It is not like we did not love the person, or that particular situation, business, etc. But, we are quite open to accepting the reality. We allow us to let go things.

So, on behalf of all of the millennials, we want to request you to have faith in us! Together, we all can concur a new world. If you allow us in your lives, in your decisions, we will feel connected. It is needed for us to feel important in your life journeys. We strive for your acceptance and understandings. We are tired to prove ourselves in front of you again and again. And as we are impatient (we should learn patience from the older generation!), we stop trying to please you which can create major ‘generation gap’ between both of us.

So, stay with us and guide. Support when we are lost, but don’t bind! It becomes suffocating for 70% children of our generations and because of the confusing age, we just can’t get it and feel depressed or lonely.

Let’s explore together. Allow us to fall and to fail, just stay there when we need your support. Don’t judge us. Like this, we can fill the GAP we are talking about!

21 thoughts on “What should older generation learn from the younger generation?

  1. Good article. I like dealing heartbreaks.
    Buti I would like to state that old generation having full faith on younger generation.

  2. Wow very nice article, let me add , we “older generation” are equally adopting new technology same as millennials, we’re pro active, looking for & prepare for forthcoming challenges of life.

    Like transparency the most.

    Kamlesh Vadodaria

  3. Good article. Only one point missing…
    Responsibility, which was only point for older generation at their young age bcz of big family/joint family.

  4. One thing which is ,
    the “older generation” could learn to be more patient and listen to what the “younger generation” has to say.

  5. The most important qualities which your generation possesses (and we lacked when we were of your age) PRACTICALITY and GOAL ACHIEVEMENTS.
    You are more practical while we were more idealistic and conformist (always remained in ambit of family responsibilities, society norms, sacrificing for greater cause/requirements etc.) and RESULTANTLY never cared about setting our own goals. We accepted what life offered to us and managed to confirm as mentioned earlier and didn’t DEMAND anything from life. While your lot knows what you want from life and also how to get that.
    I always believe that one should never stop learning and your article has tried to show that beautifully. Keep it up, God bless you.

  6. Reading few and letting the practical experience of our reveal the most…
    Nicely captured in very few words…..

  7. This is very nice article which force us to introspect ourselves and help us to analyse the current situation with open mind……..

  8. Most important is acceptance for all generation. We are not easily accept people. So its good topic…

  9. Good artical but one point is missing Responbility that old generation has bcz they stay in joint family

  10. Good article to express feeling of new generation but old is gold always.. Old generation to learn from new generation and new generation to learn from old generation. Old generation could not make artificial intelligence /Robot and new generation can not make Taj mahal.. Keep it up.. Nice.

    1. Very well said. It is just like trying to balance everything. Oldies are far better than youngistan in many ways. They are calm, composed, and patient. So, we can say that we should keep our mind open as no one is perfect. Thank you so much. 🙂

  11. Very nicely written Shailee! “Oldies”like me need a mild rap on the knuckles from time to time, & your article did just that! Yes, we should not over advise or micro manage the younger generation.The young should also be more accepting of setbacks, which are inevitable in life.Plain truth is that both generations badly need one another!

    1. Very true. Both generations need each other’s love, support, and guidance. If oldies are not there, it was near to impossible to learn values or understand the culture. If oldies are not there, who else can console us in our hard times in this unrealistic and unfair world? In reality, we know that we meant for each other. It’s just about accepting and understanding different perceptions, nothing else! Thank you so much for your inputs.

  12. Nice article, in reality we have to work with both generation. We can not neglect any one. We should try to blend working style of both generation.

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