Two point Three – A ‘balanced’ short film

Two Point Three by Shailee Sheth

Hello, my dear friends and elders…

This time I want to share a fun short film with you with some of my thoughts regarding that. You can go through the write up first and then see the film or vice-a-versa. 😀

Firstly, let’s talk something general. Have you noticed the positive changing trends in society which is visible in every medium like TV advertisements, social networking sites, blogs, etc?

  • A small boy tells his sister to learn some household work, his mother corrects him that “Why only a girl; also a boy should learn everything.”
  • There is a wife, who is also a boss in the office.
  • A girlfriend, who pays the half bill at the restaurant.
  • A husband, who loves to help his wife in cooking.
  • A mother-in-law, who allows daughter-in-law for the late night & time-consuming work.

These incidences are being the reflections of the real world, and we should be happy about how the mentalities are changing – slowly! This short film – “Two point Three” – is one my favorite movies which gives the perfect idea of what I want to convey.

What happens when a chef’s wife, who is a professional food critic, gives him a mediocre rating of just 2.3? Find it out from this ‘balanced’ movie and then, let’s discuss some fun things about today’s relationships.

So, how was it? I loved it. It has only two characters, the acting is mind-blowing… And mainly, the story! It is hiding lots of emotions from my generation. Allow me to talk about it briefly.

1. We are Balanced.

It’s all about the balanced relationship. The balance of thoughts, emotions, and opinions. We respect each other’s opinions, but we do not lose ours. If we think we are right, we do not compromise on that. And the best part is, the partner UNDERSTANDS!

2. ‎So here comes the second quality – Understanding.

We know each other in n out and also assumes how shitty one can become! But we understand. We are there for each other even in front of the elders. – The salty bhindi vala scene of the short film. 😉 We know how to give respect without losing ours! And there comes the acceptance.

3. Complete Acceptance

We have heard a lot of time that no one is perfect. Slowly and steadily, we learn to accept the ACCEPTANCE positively. We accept the dreams & desires, needs & wants and also, the mistakes and flaws. We tend to forgive each other easily – without any regrets.

4. Passionate about careers, without compromising the affections.

We admire independence. We motivate each other to do well in everything we do to make ourselves stronger. We don’t want to compromise in our careers, and believe it or not; even our partner doesn’t want that we settle for the less!

5. We can mold our-self to make someone happy, without losing our real shape.

We know where to stop! We do not let our egos to spoil our relationships. I am not saying that we are successful yet, but we can draw a line between personal and professional life.

We are not perfect at all, but we are okay with that. We are not organized, but we are okay with that too. We are confused, but we always find solutions. We stuck a lot of time, but we know how to move on! In short; we don’t give up – whether it’s about our career, relationships or love.

I hope all of us – youngsters and elders – can understand the actual meaning of ‘equality’ in the relationship. I hope all of us can ‘balance’ our behaviors. I hope we all can CHANGE a bit for the better future!

Have a positive Sunday… 🙂

9 thoughts on “Two point Three – A ‘balanced’ short film

  1. really a wonderful, thought and
    current situation requirement…nice example of changing of current social era…
    Nicely describe ….have a nice Sunday…..” *રવિવાર* *એટલે* *શું* *?*

    *વ્યવસાયમાં વિખરાયેલી જિંદગીને,*
    *પરિવાર સાથે બેસીને,*
    *થોડું થિંગડું મારવાનો દિવસ.*

    *જીવનમાં રવિવારના બે તબક્કા*

    *બાળપણનો રવિવાર એટલે થાકવાનો રવિવાર…..!*


    *અત્યારનો રવિવાર એટલે થાક ઊતારવાનો* *રવિવાર…..!*

    *રવિવાર એટલે આ એક્ષપ્રેસ જીંદગીની રેલગાડીની સફરમાં આવતુ એક નાનુ સ્ટેશન…*
    *ક્યારે* *આવી ને જતુ રહ્યે* *છે ખબર* *જ નથી રહેતી* *…!!!*
    Happy Sunday ??

  2. Nice eeee,

    You are drawing me to become the fan of you.. Nicely drafted and explained article.. The film is really worth watching.. How often we mix professional and personal lives.. We expect that the wife of chef has jalsa as he will cook for her daily but forget that chef too has his personal life..
    We the males often criticize our wives in front of all in case one day he has not prepared quality food no matter she makes it perfect everyday..
    Thanks for this as it has taught something to many of us..

    Keep the good work continue.. We are waiting..

  3. Hello Shaileeee…
    Nice film Two point Three…
    Draw the balance line between personal and professional life.True relationships are about listening to the eachother.. Mould yourself but never to lose your true shape…

  4. Dear shailee….
    You have captured the very relevant topics which we all are facing in our routine life…..
    Mantaning balanced life is not so easy but not so difficult. It’s matter of believe from inside and practice….

    Nicely presented the same….

    Keep it up…

  5. Good morning Shailee.,..just link up & listen the song by Gulam Ali & Latajee…..what a combination & positive energnization early in the morning. Listen twice…… great…keep going…..

  6. Hi shailee… Didn’t know you write something beautiful every time… Today I read few of your stories & the best part was that each topic had a different perspective and that to short & simple, realistic & practical, thoughts that we really wish to explain & understand.. Many more to go.. Good luck ??☺

    1. Thank you sooo very much Jinal 🙂 such comment keeps me going. I hope I can always think and write like this. Keep supporting me. Also, I am always up for suggestions from
      all the intellectual readers like you.

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