Tick Tock between Degrees and Skills – Winning & Losing

Tick Tock between Degrees and Skills by Shailee Sheth

Saari umrr hum marr marr ke ji liye… Ek pal to hume jeene do, jeene do…

Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain, Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again!

When we were young (let’s say in our teenage) and do not have much experience about any situations, every setback or failure seems big! We think as we will never get the other chance and the failure is permanent now. I still remember that I used to cry when I don’t get expected results in school.

Time passes, and that little baby cry has been stopped. In the college era, I used to feel blessed if I get second class! Everyone in my family, including me, thought that I am careless and that is sooo dangerous. But now if I sit and think peacefully, I believe that I was not careless, just being confident (or overconfident?) about myself that I will do SOMETHING good in life! Then started the tick-tock between degrees and skills.


Currently, I have two degrees. And what I do? Travelling, blogging, some professional content writing and photography. I am not using any of my degrees to earn a living just because I want to do something else in life. But is that mean degrees are not necessary for our life? Is that mean I wasted my important 5 years on something which doesn’t matter?

The answer is NO! I didn’t waste my years. Yes, I’ve considered some ‘not-so-cool’ choices, especially according to my interest, didn’t follow my heart, but WASTE is not the right word. Yes, I could have thought deeply before taking any step! But it’s okay. Happens! That doesn’t mean that I have to feel guilty. My not-so-good graduation mark sheet was my first setback.

To Acquire Skill Is Also a Skill!

How many graduates are there in the market and how many jobs available? The statistics are shocking. It is an era of skills. You just can’t survive without them. You may pass your life but cannot make the most of it. You can see that engineering degrees (just an example) are not enough now right? And why so? It’s because the other ‘smart’ engineers in the market give a tough competition.

I read one useful article a few days back. the author suggests the same things like my parents wanted me to learn/acquire! To become a successful person, you must have these skills;

  • Public Speaking
  • Writing
  • Self-management
  • Networking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Research
  • Relaxation
  • Financial Management

Like our elders and mentor said, I experienced that once you get the job, no one cares about degree and every discussion will end up with salary, skills, and growth! What next?! Even if you have some extraordinary degrees but dull skills, no one will hire you. Or if you got hired, then the growth might be stopped. So ultimately, what’s the meaning of these high-five degrees without having the needed skills?

To Know What You ‘Want’ In Life – EXTREMELY important!

I got the horrible result in my B.Com, even being a bright student in the school time. So I thought and even regretted to come in such boring (for me) fields. But because of that degree, I became versatile. My personality’s base is the study I did – wholeheartedly or half-heartedly. At least, I have realized what I DON’T want in life. Positive thing! Thumbs up!

On the other side, now I firmly believe that no one can take the place of skills/talent. The degree can be bought, not the skill! But, that can be achieved by hard work and consistency. The person you will be in next 5 years is based on the books you read and the people you surround yourself! Even if you don’t feel like doing it; get up and get that shit done. You will thank me later.

Final Verdict

I wish I could convince my teenage self to follow my heart and choose the career what I like; without thinking about the world! But I selected some unwanted fields and studied 4 years, and now following my heart and pursuing my passion which is based on my skills. Highly satisfied!

I knew that I would do SOMETHING useful in my life, whatever my results are! Degrees are important indeed, as they give us a sense of recognition, it is important when you are looking for your first job. But afterward, you know the situation! At some point in time, the only things we need are – CONFIDENCE, and A WISH to do something good in life to make yourself and your parents proud!

Choose freely, but be wise!

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    1. Very very interesting & like real life stories !!!! Please keep it up !!!! Doing the best for society. I am proud be with your family as friend.

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