The Positivism of 2019 Around The World Among The Negativism

It’s easy to lose sight of all the good things happening in the world. We have only heard (rather focused) on the bad news such as rapes, murders, cheating, pollution, corruption, humiliation, etc. As we know that many people are not happy even today on the day of Christmas because of many reasons. So, I decided to find, check, and list out big or small, but super positive and happy news that can inspire us, give us hope, and lighten our mood before this year ends!

When we think of our wellness journey from a You to We and Us to All perspective, we are inspired to build a better future for everyone, including our planet. Here I have also included some positive efforts made by various governments and humans. But you know what is the coolest part? Most of these stories are sooo simple that all of us can contribute and help in making the future brighter – right now!!! Keep calm, be kind, and start reading the positive news of 2019.

Best Things You Should Know About Before Sneaking in 2020

Window cleaners dress up as superheroes to cheer up sick children in the hospital.

How cute is that!!! I am sure many of you have tried to make faces so that the little fellow-traveling with you can smile. Just like that, there are some campaigns running around the world to cheer up sick children in hospitals. This small gesture can help them feel better and may provide strength to fight back.

Some toy companies manufacture bald dolls and barbies for children suffering from cancer.

Bald is beautiful. I am so glad that finally, people have started accepting such things. It is not a taboo anymore and helps a lot of people suffering from cancer. Understand one thing, these people don’t need your sympathy. They just want your open mentality. Just spare some time to behave like everything is “normal” and they are not alone in this battle.

Park prescriptions went mainstream.

Confused? Let me elaborate on this news a bit. (This is by far my favorite piece of information.) Doctors across the country are continuing to try out a new sort of medication that doesn’t come in a pill or capsules. There’s a growing interest in Park Rx programs that prescribe TIME OUTDOORS IN LOCAL PARKS AS ANTIDOTES to common ailments of today, such as hypertension, diabetes, and anxiety. As science and medicine continue to confirm that time in nature is great for our health, more emphasis could be put on establishing accessible green spaces. Isn’t it a piece of happy happy news??? (source: mbg)

A 9-year-old kid who kept getting in trouble for doodling in the class gets a job decorating a restaurant with his drawings.

Good news for little doodlers! Don’t stoop your child who is trying to enhance his inner strength. If we go deep in this philosophy, then I want to say that sometimes, such things are the only expressions kids can provide! So, try to understand their perception and support him/her in the best possible way.

James Harrison (blood plasma donor) saved the lives of 2 million kids by donating blood 1173 times.

This guy from Australia is also known as The Man with the Golden Arm. He has donated his blood for more than a thousand times between the ages of 14 to 81. His blood contained a rare antibody that was used in the production of life-saving medicine.

Astronomers at the University of Tokyo discover 39 new galaxies.

I keep requesting people to sit in a park or a seashore and just look at the sky! I don’t know how many of you are interested in such activities, but I was thrilled to know about this news, so just shared. This new year, look beyond the firecrackers and look at the stars! They create magic!

Scotland plants 22 million trees to tackle the climate crisis.

22 million! Quite a huge number isn’t it? While discussing this news, you may want to argue about the Amazon fire. Yes, that was quite unfortunate. Let’s not go there and appreciate the government of Scotland. Try to plant and take care of at least one plant or the tree throughout the year. It’s quite a cliche but needed. Imagine if everyone does the same! 🙂

The EU Government took a stand on plastic pollution.

In an effort to reduce the plastic problem in our oceans, the European Union voted to ban ten common categories of single-use plastics from member states by 2021. The list includes plates, cutlery, straws, and a few more. This new year, I have decided to use as little plastic as possible. That will be my little contribution.

We will soon get good news of having 100 million trees!!!

With its newly unveiled Time for Trees campaign, The Arbor Day Foundation has committed to planting 100 million trees in the hopes of removing 5,78,000 tons of chemical pollution from the air. The organization is getting communities involved by recruiting 5 million tree planters around the world to join them.

The school going kids made a difference!

Under the leadership of 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, more than 1.4 million students across 123 countries skipped school on March 15! You may or may not know, but it’s a huge thing! Equipped with signs such as, “Listen to our warning: Stop global warming” and “Don’t mess with my future,” the young protesters raised many questions to the governments worldwide to slow the use of fossil fuels and keep the planet safe for their generation. (source: mbg)

Solar and wind became more and more appealing.

It’s official that a third of power around the world comes from renewable sources and 75 percent of coal production is more expensive than solar or wind. So, we can say that renewable energy is taking over. (source: mbg)

Australia’s oldest man (age 109) spends his free time knitting teeny tiny jumpers for little penguins in need.

Now, this is quite unique. A massive oil spill injured hundreds of the little fellas that are only native to southern Australia and New Zealand. So, 109-year-old Alfie was asked if he could help out. The jumpers serve a specific purpose, they stop the injured penguins from trying to peck at and swallow the toxic oil sludge that stuck to them during the spill. (source: the happy newspaper)

Trash man builds a free library out of 20,000 books found in bins.

20 years ago a trash collection man, Jose Alberto Gutierrez of Bogota, Colombia, found a copy of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in with the rubbish. Jose has since collected over 20,000 books that now make up his own free library in his home in the poorer area of South Bogota – which he opens to community children at weekends. Aptly named “Strength of Words,” the library provides local children with a host of reading resources. (source: the happy newspaper)

The world got a beautiful new magazine that focused almost entirely on climate change.

Much needed!!! Looking at Atmos’ minimalist, muted cover, you’d think it was just another high fashion or art magazine. But open it up and you’ll find hundreds of pages filled with stories of how people around the world are coping with and fighting climate change. Inspiration found!!!

In the UK, first time for Muslim hospital workers, the doctor introduces disposable, sterile hijabs.

It is so easy to understand the other person’s discomfort and work emphatically. I don’t understand why people are fighting on the name of religion! I believe that HUMANITY is the only religion we should follow. For the doctor who has initiated this disposable hijab thing, I have only one word – Respect! (source: Good news network)

The Purpose

Friends, this festive season and especially at the end of this decade, I request all of you to see good in others and stay positive. I know there is a lot of things happening around the world, but try to focus more on the positive ones. BE KIND, to you, towards the world, and to the planet. Have a mindful, soulful, and blessed new year.

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