The Game of Rowdy Resolutions

Yaar, aaj kha leta hoon, kal se pakka dieting shuru.
Yaar, aaj rehne dete hai, kal se pakka gym chalenge.
Yaar, kal se rona dhona bandh, mast kaam karna hai.
Yaar, bahot kharche hai, agle mahine se pakka savings karunga.
Yaar, do mahine baad hi to new year hai, 2020 me no bahana at all!

“Bahot Time Hai Apne Pass”

It’s funny how we end up finding unique, extraordinary, and out of the world excuses throughout the year, just to avoid those habits which are difficult to maintain. When the new year comes, we start expecting that unlike all the past years, this year will be ‘the best’ and most ‘productive.’ I will do this, and I will do that, and NEVER going to repeat the same mistakes as last year. I will hit the gym regularly. I will take care of my food, hair, skin, and overall health. I will find time for our ignored hobbies. I will save and travel. I will never procrastinate, I will expand my limits, etc. etc. The list never ends! What actually ends is our resolution. It’s a true story, and yes, I did it for ALL MY LIFE!

“Abhi Bhi Time Hai. Kar Lenge.”

So, three months later, let’s say in April, we feel like the first quarter was only like some notice period that we served. The actual game will start now. (Abb takk kuch ukhada to nahi hi hota hai!) And then suddenly, we feel stress. Not much, but a little bit of tension takes place. Now we have to START what we have decided at the time of the new year. Another three months passed by! Well, with no considerable output. But of course, ummid par to duniya kayam hai! Now we think to reform the resolutions and intend to make some compromises. Okay, some of us are extra confident that they will not make any changes in the list but decide to recover everything with double speed. Confidence dekh rahe ho bande ka? Vese, we all know eventually they are going to fail. Some great personalities think, abb takk nai hua to abb ka hoga? Beta, rehne do. Tumse naa ho paega. This bunch stops working for the current year and starts making resolutions for the next new year! Crazy, right? Yes, but we all did any one of these at one point of time.

“Hmm… Agle Saal Se Pakka”

Anyway, so after the most convenient ‘revisions,’ we start again. The majority of us get super success in this period. These three months of the second half went smooth and transforming. Par jo khush ho jaye, vo insaan hi kya!!! Even when we are doing good in life, we feel anxious. Panic attacks take place, and we start blaming ourselves that why we didn’t do it when we had a lot of time. (For me, its about everything – from study to work and head to toe. LOL.) So, after that small panic attack, when November comes, again, a cute hope starts blooming. Abbey 2 mahine baad to new year aa raha hai Bro! And we again forgive ourselves and start thinking, “Agle saal to faad dunga.”

Universal Law: Thoughts Become Things

Just like all of you, I have decided the same. ‘Agle saal’ se GupShup posts regularly karungi. Roz book padhungi. Khana mein khud banaungi. Chand paiso ke liye dill nai jalaungi. Roz exercise aur meditation karungi. etc. etc. Well, the list never ends! What ends is… Resolutions. But no, ‘agle saal se’ I will follow each and every resolution. And if I fail, I will take a resolution never to take any resolution. Lol. The game of resolution is too complicated. But. no one can deny that it’s fun.😉 I hope you guys never give up on yourself and never ever lose hope. I am toh already waiting for my 2020. Also, I have also started to make a list of my 2020 resolutions. Have you??? Tell me in the comment section.

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