REVA – A film for intellectuals and believers!

Reva by Shailee Sheth


द्विषत्सु पापजातजातकारिवारिसंयुतम् ।


त्वदीयपादपङ्कजं नमामि देवि नर्मदे ॥

This is my very first attempt at reviewing a movie as I just can’t resist myself after watching “REVA.” Narmade harr! “REVA” is not just a movie, it has a life in it! There are not many movies which can showcase their living existence. But REVA… What a mesmerizing movie it is! It is based on the novel of Shree Dhruv Bhatt – “Tattvamasi”, which he wrote in 1998 during his Narmada Parikrama.

It is a tough task to tell a story which is based on so many philosophies and to convert it in just 2 hours 39 mins film is tougher as the situations are changed than 1998 and so do the people’s mentality and perceptions. But the directors or I should call them two talented storytellers Mr. Rahul Bhole and Mr. Vinit Kanojia did a tremendous job!

REVA – Ek Setu

This story – novel or the film – showcase a bridge between today’s generations’ practicality and the older generations’ religious/spiritual mentalities, beliefs, faiths, assumptions, and understandings of the god’s existence. I always prefer to watch such kind of intellectual movies with my parents – my older generation! It makes me understand both the views. I like to balance you know. 🙂

REVA – Ek Prerna

Moving ahead, there are many many MANY philosophies which can pass in front of our eyes, but we don’t understand them. Just like that, two to three moments of this story are my favorite. (If you haven’t watched the movies yet, book your tickets now and give yourself a treat this Sunday!)

  1. Moments like when Gandu Fakir do not eat anything after putting a pinch of salt at a poor man’s hut.
  2. Then the explanation of Shashtiji talking about the science which has to be explained by the spiritual thoughts of the villagers, etc. (I wish I can the whole story here!)
Reva by Shailee Sheth
Maa Reva – Golden Bridge, Bharuch.

REVA – Ek Sikh

Personally, I learn many things from this movie. Trust me! There is a dialog in the film saying that we know many things about which we feel like we have no idea at all – like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Geeta, etc. Just like that, I realized that our roots, our Indian society has taught us many things which we follow, without knowing its importance, and it is huge!!!

  • There are many ‘people’ behind us, who sacrifice plenty of things just to protect us! There is ‘nature’ – giving us everything without any selfish motives! When we start to think that we belong to them, there are no ways to become arrogant or being a money/attention seeker.
  • At the end of the day, the things matter are – clean food, drinkable water, clean air, clean heart and clearest mind! Solitude is so much fun when you are mature enough. To think good about others is Karma. Nothing can give more satisfaction than doing good, right, and pure.

REVA – Ek Anubhav

This film is about the parikrama of Maa Reva (River Narmada.) The people who do it believe that there is nothing to worry about even if you are alone because she (REVA) is with you every time. It depends on how much you believe in your god and how much you can LET GO! I believe that it’s not ONLY about Reva; it’s about the feel of nature!

Anyway, each of the characters in the movie has its own characteristics which you can find out at the end of this film. Even the locations taken in this movie are mesmerizing. Not only the locations, but the music and cinematography can leave you awestruck, too!

In short, this film has the ability to provide you the instant connections with your roots, nature, and the sense of Almighty. If you are like me, you just don’t want to get out of this phase throughout the day after watching the movie on the big screen. Truly remarkable and highly recommended!!! Go, experience this wonder!

Namaami Devi Narmade… _/\_

12 thoughts on “REVA – A film for intellectuals and believers!

  1. Eagerly waiting to watch this movie after reading your review on Gupshup!!

    Good attempt Shailee, keep going on!

  2. Eager to watch this film… Your storytelling or content writing skill is pleasing and excellent. Keep it up..

  3. Hi eeee,

    After longtime… Fantastic content writing… Experience adds value you know..
    I haven’t seen the movie yet but would definitely go for the same..
    I am very much fortunate that I am living on the bank of Reva and my eyes getting the opportunity to have look at its flowing water daily.
    Well, you have rightly mentioned that there are very few things which matters the most in the end..
    At one place I am not in agreement with you.. The phrase where you have mentioned your parents as older generation.. Do you feel that Sheth Sir is an older generation person..I certainly don’t feel so..
    Apart from the spiritual importance, Reva is a lifeline for many families.. Sardar Sarovar you know..

    Jay Narmada Maiya..

  4. made me curious for the movie..nicely drafted everything..hopefully I would be able to relate the things while watching the film..Happy to know that Gujarati films are doing great..

  5. Shailee… have summarized well to motivate person like me (who hardly watch movies)to watch this movie.

  6. Hi,
    A good attempt for movie review. Reading reviews of movies, books could help for betterment.
    It is difficult always to read our own thoughts as a third person, but for reviewer it help always.
    All the best!!!

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