Negative Motivation – Positive or Negative?

Negative Motivation by Shailee Sheth

Father: Son, let’s sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in front of this uncle.

3 y/o son: No, I want to play.

Mother: Let it be… He will not sing as he doesn’t know how to sing this poem. And we will not give him his favorite ice cream.

3 y/o son: I know how to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and I want an ice cream. Listen!

Starts Singing

This is nothing, but a simple example of negative motivation. We all have experienced this scenario in our life. So, I thought let’s start today’s topic with the most common example ever! 😀

Negative Motivation

I am not the expert, but as per my understanding, negative motivation is something which may not give pleasure initially. Negative motivation literally forces us to find out the solutions and prove ourselves. It is not likable, but at last, it leads the person to his destination.

But, should we practice it in our daily lives? Is it safe to motivate someone by spreading negativity? Can’t we do the same just by putting some positive efforts? Let’s discuss the effects of Negative Motivation in this article.

Results of Negative Motivation

As per my experiences, Negative Motivation can generate two types of behaviors;

  1. Challenging

This is the positive side of Negative Motivation. When a person takes it as a challenge and tries to improve himself even if he doesn’t the situation.

Clicked by: Shailee Sheth
  1. Rebellious

I consider this behavior as the negative side of negative motivation. Here, the person becomes stubborn or get used to with the situation and don’t even try to change it, even if it is stopping his growth.

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Negative motivation directly strikes on ego or sometimes fears, while positive motivation is rooted in services and rewards. Both could lead you to the same result, but for most of the people, positive motivation is a lot more efficient.

Side effects of Negative Motivation

The primary difference between positive and negative motivation is that positive motivation doesn’t have side effects and the negative motivation has many! It may increase;

  • Hatred
  • Self-doubts
  • Fear of failure
  • Procrastination
  • Intolerance
  • Frustrations
  • Undervaluing the rewards

Negative motivation is dangerous. Imagine you are suggesting your best friend leave an addiction for his better sake, and you keep telling him; “you are hopeless, you are a bad son, no one is going to love you, etc.”

At one point in time, he may end up being rebellious like; “Abb to nahi chhodunga, tujhe jo ukhadna hai ukhaad le!” And trust me, this thing can happen and it is not at all happening! He may also double his addiction.

Shaping Our Actions

Well, in my opinion, the motivation is directly shaping our actions. If we are positively motivated, our effort will most likely have a positive outcome, but if we are negatively motivated, then we start measuring our success by just the completion of tasks. It is a fact that we always do a better job when we work on the things we love, or we get support and love from the others.

Are You Affected by Negative Motivation?

Okay, tell me – Is anyone out there who can be motivated by such techniques? Is anyone out there who has that kind of fighting spirit to get success and prove someone wrong?

If yes, then CONGRATULATIONS my friend! No one can stop you. You have the power of both kinds of motivations. The positive motivation is anyhow positive and will remain positive, and the negative one? Haah! You don’t mind it either! What could be the better combination than this?

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The Game of Balancing

Motivation is everywhere. Every decision or behavior is rooted in the mind’s perception of pleasure and pain. We just have to convert that negativity and sense of pain into our driving force by taking it as a challenge.

“Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes, it’s built on catastrophe.” – Sumner Redstone

When I was in my late teens, my mother used to tell me that I should learn how to run a house with limited income. But most of the time I refused or ignored because of my fear of failure. After few months, she started saying that; (with some hopeless expressions and a pinch of anger) – “Tu rehne de beta, tumse naa ho paaega…!”

At that time; I was rebellious. I actually didn’t put a single effort and doesn’t care about anyone’s comments. Realizing it later, I took it as a challenge and tried to manage household expenses.


So, by concluding my article, I want to share the key takeaways which I have learned from the mentors:

  • Do not get frustrated even when things go wrong. Learn from them. Have faith and keep going.
  • The world only believes in actions and not words. Stay quiet and keep working on your dreams.
  • Have small targets and meet them. Make yourself capable enough to take bigger challenges.

Always, like always, review your self-talk. You and only you can make it or break it. You are the driving force. Be happy and stay confident. You are unique, with unexplainable abilities. Utilize them and spread positivity.


14 thoughts on “Negative Motivation – Positive or Negative?

  1. Simply superb article.. The reality of life…
    Follow this principle:-
    Do not get frustrated even when things go wrong. Learn from them. Have faith and keep going.

  2. Hi Shaileee,
    Excellent articles. We observe such negative motivations in our day to day life but didnt aware this terminology…
    You have connected all those parents who are using this on their lil kids.

    This is also applicable to workplace where such motivation is being used as booster dose….

    Great… Keep sharing such unique and good things

  3. But in today’s world negative criticism delivers better Results than positive ones. I personally think, If the end result is quite substantial, negative criticism reaps better gains than positive criticism.
    For example, when a person is told to quit smoking with negative criticism saying they can’t do it, they actually try to quit. But when they r told the same thing with positive motivation, it has been observed that that the conversion rate is quite less in comparison.

  4. Itis really appreciable… Another example of the same that I seen on work places that people are trying to get good results by making extreme pressure and serving their own styles to perform the same.
    In my opinion every one have caliber to complete the task in their own styles, and we should allow them to do.
    It will be possible only if we are allowing them to do it in their style. We should also keep respect for their thoughts.

  5. Nice article !! Shaileeee..
    Negative motivation pattern can help you identify counter-productive self-talk and that can get the way of taking Action and Feeling good…

  6. Nice article eeee… Have read an article on negative stoke few years back may be in Gujarat Samachar..
    Well, how often we use this negative motivation, knowingly or unknowingly.. We tell our children that your friend will get more marks than you and by this way motivating them.. Even the slightest remark on tasty sabji by padosan keeps the wife motivated for something, off course it may end at the wrong end as you have rightly mentioned in the article..
    In my view, if the person is optimistic then there is no harm to use the negative motivation as it shall work positively..pessimists will take it the other way.. are going wonderfully well…keep it up..

  7. “Negative Motivation….” ….this is new concept to me.
    Nicely explained….
    Keep it up Shailee…..

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