Mothers – Even when they are wrong, they are right!

Mother's Day by Shailee Sheth

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.

Two days back, I asked my mother what she wants to have on this mother’s day! After all, her daughter is having a job now! And she was like; ‘Muje kuch nahi chahiye, bas tu sudhar ja!’ And just like this, she again asked for something impossible! She wants me to stop (STOP!) procrastinating, to go office on time, to stay regular in the gym, to cook for her twice a month, and most importantly, to write often! (Yes, she wants all of these as her gift on this mother’s day. I mean, seriously?)

I am not sure I am going to give her the things she has asked for or not, but this scenario made me thoughtful. I realized that whenever she asks something FOR HER, it is actually for me! There is a meme got viral nowadays, “If tomorrow is a due date than today is my do date.” I am one step ahead of it. I am a type of a person who starts writing an article on 7 o’clock if 9 o’clock is a scheduled time! And here, knowing all my silly habits, my mom has asked for all of these, which is actually for my good! My mother has a great deal of troubles with me, but I think she enjoys it… 😉




Generally, mothers tend to complain about not helping her in the housework, and when we do all the work wholeheartedly, they scold us to rest. I have seen plenty of mothers who do not disturb their daughters if she came to stay for the few days. Why we feel relaxed when moms are near? Why we find peace on mom’s lap? Why she has all the answers? Why her all time favorite (but for us, it’s quite annoying) question “Khana Khaya?” makes us smile? Because… she is a MOM – our all-time favorite escaping room and motivation machine!

Just like many others, I also believe that there should not be only one day to celebrate mother’s day. But have you ever realized, how many time we actually sit with our mom and thank her, or just appreciate her for all the efforts? She does much more than just making ‘Maa k hath ka khana!’ So, it’s good to pour love into her life on this special day. I realized that we should not become that much practical to compromise her happiness, just to impress ‘not-so-social’ social media.

This mother’s day… Try to give her HER time. She doesn’t ask for much – just a hug, just a kiss, or just small talk. Also, go out if possible, buy flowers, chocolates, balloons, and do whatever makes your mother happy! Go crazy, even if you are 40 years old! After all, I have observed that older generation is much more happening than millennials. 😀

All the millennials out there, gift her what she has asked for… And little more than that like;

  • Don’t get annoyed when she asks you to update her phone or take some backups,
  • Don’t raise your voice when she finds out your faults,
  • Don’t get irritated when she asks you questions like where are you going and when will you come back,
  • Don’t tell her ‘Mom, you will not understand.’ Because she was the only one who has understood all your needs when you were not able to say a word!
  • And last but not the least… Don’t lie, because Mom KNOWS everything! 😀


9 thoughts on “Mothers – Even when they are wrong, they are right!

  1. Very nice article, actually bought tears in my eyes. My youngest son asked me yesterday, ma what do you want as gift for mother’s day and I said the same thing like I don’t want anything, ‘ buus tari habbits sudhar.’

  2. Really Very Nice Article, love to read again and again

    Thanks you so much for this Artcial.??????

  3. I really like this tag line “If tomorrow is a due date than today is my do date.” ..It would difficult to explain ‘MOTHER’ .. Let me try in my way.. MOTHER=M+OTHER or MOT+HER means she always connect Myself with others and always Motivational force for her kids and others. ..Nice

  4. Hi eeee,

    Nice article..I couldn’t read it earlier but finally I have done it.
    Her lap is considered to be a safest place in the world.
    As like you I had asked my Mom on phone that what do you want on this mother day?
    She told me that nothing but you just come home.
    I generally call her daily and first question remains same as whether the dinner is completed or not.
    I remember one occasion from Mahabharata where Arjun comments on Karn’s mother then Shri Krishna explains that”Mataye to ek si hoti hai parth phir wo tumhari mata ho ya Angraj karn ki mata ho.. Mata kisiki bhi ho wo sadaiv pujneey hoti hai. ”

    Janani ni jod sakhi nahi jade re lol…

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