I Love You, My Lady! – Photo Story of Animal Love

shailee 164

Captured by: Shailee Sheth

Place: Siddhpur, Gujarat

I still remember this scenario… 😀

In this picture, the female monkey is pregnant… and the male monkey!!! Omg, She just loves his lady like anything.

How can I say that he loves her? Let me tell you the story!

I was capturing this female monkey’s pictures, as I never saw any pregnant monkey before. After some time, this another monkey came, and first, he kissed her – you can see that in this picture – and after that, he was constantly pampering her. Kissing her on the head, forehead, face, lips, and tummy! Trying to clean her up and reducing bugs from her head! And at last, he also fed her!

I was so touched after watching them! Animals are surely more loyal and lovable than humans!

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