GupShup: What, Why, and How! – Understand what GupShup is!

GupShup: What, Why, and How!!! by Shailee Sheth

Hey Guys… It’s me… Shaileeeee with extra eee!

I am using this ‘extra eee’ in my name because one of my very good friends has suggested me to do so because I laugh out loud almost everywhere and mostly, on myself! As per me, here is the key to happiness – to laugh at self! Don’t let anyone else decide what you are and what you want from your life. Tell them that I am a mad person, but a happy one, and will follow my heart – always!

So here I am, obviously, an ordinary but a mad girl who wants extraordinary things in life! NO; not a big car or a bigger house – I am happy to have the surviving money which is needed for the good life! Here I am talking about something bigger than that. I want happiness and positivity around me; I want health, passion, and compassion; I want equal rights and justice for the poor people around me; mainly, I want to have a better surrounding for which we can stop complaining or regretting!

“Tiny mouth and big words” – I want to change this mentality. I believe in ‘The Secret’ formula of the law of attraction. I am not saying that I am going to do or capable enough of everything I have mentioned, but at least I AM STARTING ‘SOMETHING’ in that direction. And at this stage, I can’t do more than this without you! I have many thoughts and words which I can express, but spreading the positivity is in your hands, my friends!


I have completed my masters in social work. Maybe that’s why I am attracted towards the fundamental of ‘Connecting The Dots.’ After completion of my studies, I was asked by my parents to have a job under THEIR employment with some fixed salary. Yes, “Parents as Employers.”

For that, I was supposed to take a break of around 6 months and have to expose myself to the different aspects of ‘REAL’ world through GupShup Curriculum. There were some common things with some uncommon intentions of my parents like;

  • Living as a paying guest, but with the least budget and no facilities of the refrigerator, air-conditioner, vehicle, laundry, cook, etc.
  • Driving 1000 kilometers in 6 months, in which 300 kilometers at night!
  • Plan and travel as a solo traveler in different states and having the courage to manage everything alone.
  • Meet new people and understand their culture by living with them in their houses.
  • To take care of all the house expenditure for one month to learn financial management.
  • Read some thought-provoking books and watch some specific movies, and give reflections about the same so that my thinking patterns can cover 360 degrees of every aspect of life.
  • Weekly and monthly reports on all my activities so that my salary can be released which is extremely important.

… and the list goes on…!

Many of you may think and feel that these are some minor tasks to do, but trust me they were not! I have never experienced 80% of the things I did during those 6 months! The best thing happened to me after that span is – CLARIFICATION OF THOUGHTS! Now I know what I want from life, what I should not try, what I should let go, what I should keep, and what I should forget!

MY ‘PRESENT’ – A Gift To Self

I became a writer after that – converting my passion into my profession, and that is an ‘achievement’ for me as well as for my parents! Currently, I am a professional content writer and working in a company (now with the real boss and deadlines!) But, I am living my life to its best, traveling a lot, and making memories. This website is the result of those 6 months and my changed mentality!


Here on my website, you will get many new varieties of blogs, thought processes, cultures, the connection of communities, photos, music pieces, and behind the scene stories. Here on my website, I – being a common girl, with a bunch of uncommon connections – give ‘something’ which can spread the smile to the people who are around me; hoping that they will do the same to the other people around them. And like this, we will try to create a happy and positive community around all of us!

So, this is my big-little dream for which I need your support. Can you please help me a bit to make a difference? If yes, then be my helping hand, spread GupShup by using your social media, and SUBSCRIBE. Contact me for any queries, ideas, and suggestions, because I am converting ‘Me Power’ into ‘We Power.’



56 thoughts on “GupShup: What, Why, and How! – Understand what GupShup is!

    1. Came to know about this concept last year through Snehal Sir. It’s really commendable to have this kind of consistency.
      All the best, spread happiness and positivity everywhere.

  1. Kind of initiative people require now a days to spend time with. Reading this stuffs make me fall into gratitude at higher level.

  2. Nice startup shaileeeee….?waiting for ur blogs,articles etc…Nowadays positive thoughts much more needed around us…Hope u will give positivity by ur motivating thoughts to people…. All d best dear…?

  3. This is a very good beginning.. Love to read the articles posted here.. This is something which many people will love..
    In today’s stressful life, this will surely act as a stress buster..
    Wishing you all the very best..”eeeee”

  4. It is believed that Lord Brahma had many brain children, “Manas putro ” you know..Naradji was one of them..
    why this is remembered here..
    well, that is because someone has said me yesterday that apart from one daughter at young age he is recently having two brain children after age of 50+.. one of them is “Gupshup” and another is “MOJ”..
    can anyone guess who would be that person??
    very true.. he is none other than our beloved site head, guru, mentor, teacher, leader, philosopher…
    Sheth Sir..
    That has remain a history over the years that if something is initiated by Sheth Sir it always have something unique..”hatke” you know.. We were waiting that what is there with him after success of Purani Jeans..And then came the Moj.. the flavor of my “gujaratipan” spreaded again all over..
    Gupshup is now on its way to create the history.. Shaileeee with those extra eeees doing it really better.. All the best..

  5. Great Shaileeeeee.
    Keep it Up.
    Continous efforts & dedication make any thing possible.
    All the best.
    Will wait for next thought sharing.
    Jai Ho.
    Kuldip Sharma

    1. Hello, Shaileeee..
      This is a very innovative and exclusive concept and it was too intresting to read the introduction which was written in a simple and effective manner..
      Wishing you all the very best for your efforts and future endeavours
      Keep it up..!! ??

  6. You have done remarkably well Shailee….

    Congratulations you are on your way to doing some great things…..

    Our best wishes are always with you, Keep it up…

  7. Wow great thinking of shaileeeee….?It’s really wondering to read such positive articles, amezing….
    Requesting to update / mail such kind of beautiful articals which gives realistic feeling & motivation, keep it up ,
    All the best ???

  8. Really nice & unique initiative. I have never come across this love relationship in father & daughter. great going…,.keep it up.

  9. This is first time I have found a FATHER employer and DAUGHTER employee where both are proud to each other…..
    Great learning ……

  10. Hi Shailee ee eee, lovely initiative. Being social worker student to Social worker student, I love ur thought being Gen Y, rocking….. keep it up. Cheers Jignesh shah-vice President HR

    1. Unique way of spreading happiness and fun..
      Great thing is, you are trying to touch all generations and bringing them in shadow of happiness and njoyment.

      Great going shaileee…

  11. Hi Eeee ,

    Innovative concept, simple thoughts , bold expression – your website is going to be fun. May it be so for many ! Wish you great readership and subscriptions !

  12. Hey Shaileee ! It is a great step that you have taken up.

    In today’s world, where negativity is creeping it’s way faster than anything, it is so good to see somebody spreading the notions of positivity.

    This zealousness of yours, makes me envy you and your talents.

    If Circumstances would’ve permitted me, I’m sure I would’ve been doing something similar, and not being stuck here, in this life brimming with boredom.

    Ps: do let me know if there you have vacancies for GupShup. I’ll be very much willing to resign and join you 🙂

  13. Superb start Shailee, quality content emanating from your passion..professional touch in writing.Wish you great success in your noble endeavour.

  14. Good morning Shailee….I found this as a structure way looking at every aspect of life…. whether it is parents relationship…..self improvement…,hobbies…, way forward in life……great going…..

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