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GupShup with Snehal and Shailee Sheth

Namaskaar… Aadab…

On this platform, we – parents of our only daughter Shailee would like to share our innovative initiative on parenting.

I personally always like to stay connected with the young generation. I am very much impressed with their transparent upfront. They are different from our generation and they appear as they are!

But, at the same time, they always require some means to channelize their energy. If something is enforced on them, they will be the rebel! As parents, we have also found out that like many other youngsters, our Guddu (Shailee) is also –

  • Sensible, but casual!
  • Competent, but careless!
  • Emotional, but rebellious!
  • Expressive, but directionless!

We wanted her to prepare herself for facing any challenge in her future. But how?

So after completing her MSW – Masters in Social Work – we had given her an interesting offer. We have started a ‘virtual’ company¬†GupShup Pvt. Ltd.¬†We offered her a fulltime job for 6 months as a Trainee of Life Skills. Only after that, she will start her professional career!

We developed a crash course on life skills for 6 months covering subjects like,

  1. Physical Strength,
  2. Emotional Strength,
  3. Financial Skills,
  4. Home Science Skills,
  5. Communication Skills, etc.

We defined a detailed training curriculum & activities in the category. We also defined terms and conditions, pay structure, policies, etc.

Starting this blog is also a part of that!

If you guys have found this idea interesting, then please have a look at these links of Our Philosophy on such thing, The Offer Letter, The Appointment Letter, and The Training Curriculum.

Happy learning Of Life skills_Shailee


Appointment Letter for Shailee


One thought on “GupShup Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Query regarding Para c. of Appointment Letter which is appended to Offer Letter dated April 22, 2016:

    Where does Leave Period arising out of surprise visit of fiance fit? Will that be LWP or Contingent Bonus leaves?

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