Fifty Shades of a Father

Caution: This article can be a voice for all those people who love their father too much but unable to express it in words. Say Thank You to your Father for all the life lessons he has taught you. 🙂

Many people adore my relationship with my father. Yes, surely I am fortunate enough to have him to teach me how to live my life fullest. Today, I want to share some life-lessons he taught me (directly or indirectly!) I am starting from childhood.

He taught me ‘Fight Your Own Battles’ at the age of 8.

I used to come home crying after each fight. He never supported me, saying, “We are not here to fight for you. Have courage, find some ways, fight back all by yourself, and sort it out.”

He taught me ‘How to Save Environment’ at the age of 11. 

There was constant torture of ‘save water, save trees, save electricity, don’t waste food, try to avoid plastic’ in my house when I was in 6th standard. It irritated me then, and after only a year or two, I found out its importance. How useful that advice was! “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

He taught me the definition of ‘Smartness’ at the age of 15.

He told me, “I can’t say that you are smart just because you wear fancy clothes and speak fluent English. If you want to prove yourself in front of me, you have to learn how to wash your bike, how to keep your house clean, how to drive, and how to do banking. That is called the overall smartness.”

He taught me ‘Face Your Fears’ at the age of 16.

I still remember the day when he sent me to do police verification for my passport, alone! He didn’t help me to make my passport, he just gave me a reference and told me, “It’s okay if you waste some money and time, but you have to make it done, without my help. Repeat entire procedure twice or thrice, I don’t mind.”

He taught me the ‘Value of Money’ at the age of 19.

When I started college, he used to give me 1000 rupees per month. After a few months, I asked him to add 500 rupees in the so-called ‘contract.’ After that proposal, he asked me to clean his shoes every day and polish them once a week to get those extra 500. Believe it or not, I did it!!! I still remember my mom used to cut my ‘salary’ when I skip some days!

He taught me to ‘Play Safe’ at the age of 22.

He used to tell me, “You must have a capacity to buy iPhone, but you should not buy it. Instead, settle for the less and always have a gap in between, which is called Safe Zone.”

He taught me the ‘Importance of Savings’ at the age of 23.

Before 23, he used to tell me that I should always spend my money to live my life to its fullest. But when I got my first job, on the very first day he sat with me with an excel sheet and explained how a little amount of savings of each month can create magic. He still tells me to live my life to its fullest, with a pinch of responsibility in it.

He taught me to ‘Accept Yourself The Way You Are’ at the age of 24.

He taught me to ‘Be Independent – Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually’ at the age of 25.

He taught me to ‘LOVE’ at the age of 26.

He taught me to “LIVE and LAUGH’ at every phases of my life!

Yes, it is true that there is no particular day to “celebrate” father’s day. But today when I was thinking about it, I realized that we often forget to appreciate those things and people who did incredible things for us, without showing it off! Such days remind us not to take them for granted. So…

Dear Papa, there must be thousands of other moments which I might have forgotten to mention here. But tell me, how can I say THANK YOU for all of the GupShup? It is just impossible. I can’t give you more precious thing than MYSELF! But I want to promise one thing Papa, I will ALWAYS try my level best to keep your legacy alive, even when I will become a parent. Happy Father’s Day. Stay safe and live long. Bandar ki Bacchi loves her Bandar. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of a Father

  1. Hi eeee..

    Nicely expressed as always..You are fortunate enough to describe it in such way else guys like me in spite of doing enormous love to father has never been able to express it..

    F or
    A ll
    T ough and
    H ard times he
    E nsures to
    R emain with you..

    Sacrifice is the word attached with this head of family..

    Yes.. He deserves more than what we give him.. At various stages of life the feeling for Dad keep on changing like from a hero to old fashioned to miser and so on.. The circle completes after becoming father and then again feeling respect for father knowing what he has done..

    I deeply love my father..He has also struggled and sacrificed a lot for my goodness like all other fathers, perhaps more.. But now it’s my turn and I will do every bit that I can do to make him happy..

    Happy Father’s Day to you and all readers..

    1. So true. We always find these words “You will only understand when you will become a parent” boring, but it is a reality. Sometimes, we miss the chance to appreciate them. So, we should cherish each moment and be greatful.

  2. Lovely write up and definitely to learn for our lives and the upbringing of our little one..thanks for sharing.
    The boot polish job was the one i loved the most and just made me think what i can do for that request on one extra chocolate?

    1. Hahaha. Yes. When I was at the age of your child, my parents used to give me coins when I serve water to the guests. One coin for one help. You can start with that. 😉

  3. Nice article on Father’s day. ‘Every Girl may not be a queen to her husband but she is always a princess to her Father’. One day is not enough as every day is Father’s day and No word is there to describe sacrifice of father for his child. Father hold our hand for a little while and hold our hearts forever. Father is the finance minister of the family so value of money and lots of other things can be learnt as you grow up from child to adult. Nice article once again.

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