Feel your Feelings – Be Grounded

Here is the thing…
No matter how hard you try,
there are people who will be jealous.

They also know that it’s bad as much as you know. It’s just – they can’t help it.

Maybe they are jealous of your outstanding work,
most amazing friendships,
a loving partner,
near to perfect family, or
a beautiful life you have built for yourself.

That reason for jealousy can be anything!!!

It can also be your peace of mind,
non-judgmental attitude,
uncomplicated ethics,
pure value system,
fundamentals of maintaining relationships,
a vision towards your life,
ability to see the beauty in everything,

Or simply,

your COURAGE to LOVE everyone, including them!!!

Well, let them learn from you, even if they don’t like! Never feel bad about your choices. Keep your mind stable and always look where the grass is greener.

There are people who love your work,
who admire your talent,
who understand your inner self.

Always remember, “Agar log tumse jal rahe hai, to kahi na kahi, tum un logo se aage nikal gaye ho.” Embrace that beauty by being grounded!

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