Feel your Feelings – Be Brave

So what happens when we lose somebody?

Well, most of the time we don’t miss that person, but we miss the vibe he/she has offered and the way they made us feel. When we came to know that one of our dearests is no more – at first – we can’t accept it. And when we start believing that yes, it’s a fact, we feel literally ‘nothing’ for a few moments.

No pain – just disbelief!

Then eventually, our heartbeats become high and gut feeling doesn’t seem right. Our mind becomes heavier and eyes are blank. We feel lost and that state stays there for a few days. While eating, sleeping, showering, exercising, and even while working, we kept on thinking about that person – consciously/unconsciously!

JUST STOP (if possible!) Divert your mind.

I know it is difficult. I know it may feel selfish. I know it might be wrong not to think about death. But still – JUST STOP – and try to give some rest to your mind.

I am writing this but I am no different. I am also like you – I am one of you – but still trying to control that empty feeling that may make me numb. It’s because WE HAVE TO do it to survive this year. There are many people who believe that 2020 is a cursed year. Not even a single thing has happened right this year.

But, what YOU can do about it? Okay, we can take care of our immunity, maintain hygiene, take every precaution, and stay away from people. But all the other natural disasters or aftermath of Corona, is it even in your control? It’s nature or luck or something else! Do whatever it takes that is in your hand, but for other stuff – just stop and try to release the load.

Detox yourself. Divert yourself. Breath. For a few weeks, DO NOT think about the economy, China, America, politics, suicides, and every other fancy hashtag! Stop using social media or ANY media for a while. (Trust me, it helps – my personal experience.)

TALK to your loved ones when you feel low. Scream or cry your heart out. It’s absolutely OK and quite expected during this period. But, no matter what, TAKE CARE OF YOUR MIND. “Our mind is our best friend and worst enemy.” Keep it aligned.

P.S. I am not just blabbering out some bookish knowledge, I am expressing those things that I have felt and I am feeling right now. And I will keep writing – keep expressing the way I always do. Why? Not because it is my hobby/profession or something – but because it keeps my mind aligned.

Do whatever it takes to TAKE CARE of your mind. 🙂

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