Children’s Supreme Art of Expressions…

Expressions by Shailee Sheth

Hi Guys… During my last trip to Dubai, I was waiting for the musical fountain show at Dubai Mall. My DSLR camera was with me, and I was just looking here and there randomly!

At that time, many children of different age, different height, different nationality and different accent playing there and trying to seek our attention with their weird expressions!

That one hour of waiting became so pleasant for me because of these kids… I captured few expressions and want to share with you here in GupShup…

All pictures clicked by Shailee

Place: Dubai Mall, Dubai


Expressions by Shailee Sheth

Look at her… Isn’t she cute, naughty but adorable? She was a real charm, I have clicked more than 10 pics of her as she herself seemed interested in posing! She continuously dancing and talking with her imaginary phone to her imaginary friend… 😀


Expressions by Shailee Sheth

This girl… She was a dreamer… She continuously runs here and there to see her favorite fishes of the aquarium… She became so happy that she exclaimed constantly – “Mom.. see this… wowwww!!! Mom.. come here… see this is pink fish… can we take this home please!!!” She was not in the mood to leave that place and sat down on the floor!!! Such a cutie pie!


Expressions by Shailee Sheth

“Maaaaaa’aaaammmmm.. I didn’t get the Lemonade…” He was complaining! 😀 and continuously running here and there to get the Lemonade! Look at the picture and you can assume how eager he was at that time! It was fun to see him and I realized that even we were same in our childhood… 🙂


Expressions by Shailee Sheth

She was photoholic for sure… She was a poser too! She was like – “Hey… I am watching you haan, just click my pictures…” Such a cute and chubby angel! :*

Momma’s Boy

Expressions by Shailee Sheth

His collar was up, and voice was loud… He was with his Paa and continuously tapping his face and eyes in the search of his mother! Like he was thinking – “Papa… Tumse naa ho paaega… Where is Maa?” Hahaha…

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