Don’t Think Too Out Of The Box -Stop Being Too Serious!

We can’t deny the fact that we live in a world full of competitions. We want it or not, we have to participate in the race. Of course, it is needed in some manner! But, don’t you think that we must decide a limit for that? Last week, boards result came out. Do you have any idea how many students have committed suicide? Forget about the boards, yesterday I came to know that a girl from 7th standard died as she got fewer marks in her class. How unfortunate it is! Not only studies, but there are also some other reasons behind a child committing suicide.

I am not going to blame anyone – neither parents nor the system. I am just saying that something is wrong here. Maybe they feel alone, maybe there is no one to talk or understand them, maybe they are thinking too much out of the box, or whatever the reasons are… but IT MUST STOP! It’s time to make this thing a priority and educate as many people as we can!

Why So Serious?

Nowadays, it is essential to learn NOT TO take ourselves TOO SERIOUSLY. Being a sensible adult, it is our duty to teach our younger generation the same thing so that we can stop them from being depressed or committing suicide! One negative result cannot decide their failure of life. Stop making it a big deal!

In this article, I want to talk about something I learned from my experiences until now. I don’t want to stop my young friends’ growth or to stop them from working hard, but I want to tell them that don’t forget yourself and your worth thinking out of the box. I want to initiate a campaign to educate as many students I can about their talent and worth! You, being my readers, can also join me to create a positive and fearless environment around us. We all must help them. They need us!

Further paragraphs are for all the teenagers out there. Let me clear my point to you.

Ask These Questions to Yourself:

  1. Do you know that your parents love you very much?
  2. Can you tell your parents that you love them too?
  3. Are you trying hard enough to score well? (Be honest to yourself!)
  4. Do you think that you are very talented?
  5. Have you ever realized that even if you score less than expected, you can always come back again with a bang?
  6. Has anyone ever told you that even if you ‘fail’ in some exams, it is not the end of this world?
  7. Do you have the courage to confess your mistakes in front of your family?

If the majority answers are YES, then my friend, you are on the right track. You know everything, you just have to remind yourself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that you are important! Being a human being, sometimes we end up messing things and it is completely okay. Suicide is not the answer. Talk to your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, or anyone with whom you feel secure. If you think that you are alone, then NOOO. You are not! You must understand that. Still, if you think that you are not comfortable talking with any known person, then talk to me. I am always here to listen. DM me on Facebook, Instagram, or GupShup.

One Piece of Paper Cannot Decide Your Future! 🙂

Ending a life is not the solution. You have to be strong enough to know your worth. Give extra efforts to prove that, but always remember that you are not doing it for any other person. You are doing it for your own sake! Stop being a coward. As per my opinion, all those people who give up because of a silly sheet of paper are dumb, not those who fail in the exams. Get up and Rise.

And all those people out there, who keep comparing or judging others, I request you TO STOP. We all are different. Our choices are different. our interests, habits, hobbies, queries, tastes, dreams, imaginations – everything is different than each other. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that negative motivation might not work for all. You have no idea how one negative comment can affect the other person!

Please help me in this initiative. Talk as many people as you can! Make them understand the value of their life. Make them realize that it is okay not to think too much out of the box.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Think Too Out Of The Box -Stop Being Too Serious!

  1. Good thought process

    We all as responsible do this in one or other way through our on process. But this is really good initiative.

  2. This is very relevant topic in this current environment in stressful life….
    Nicely presented and surely this article will help to our society …..

  3. I will join this fantastic initiative. I will talk to all the students with whom I am connected. Let’s make them realise that they are so important if they are not scholar still they can have a successful life ahead.

  4. Do appreciate your recent topic regarding to exam pressure/result and action after getting the undesired result which create panic for student as well as parent . I do agree that one piece of paper can not decide the future. In this world we have some example of persons who set an example that degree is not important if you have talent .persons like Thomas Edison, Wright brothers, Bill gates, Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many more billionaire and celebrities . If you have degree you will have some limited area to play and earn while talent can brings all these degree holder people under one roof to earn more . Finally ,every end has a new beginning so be active, innovative and win the race.

    1. Exactly my point. Undoubtedly degrees are important. But everyone should decide – at what cost they want to do it? If something is not giving you happiness, then there is no point. In today’s world, the ultimate goal is to stay healthy and happy – physically as well as mentally. Yes, we have to earn well to have a good life, but not at the cost of peace of mind.

  5. First of all thank you very much for taking initiatives for such an imperative and important subject.

    Your comments, suggestions, views are really worth reading and helpful to many parents in contributing whatever possible and positive ways they can to improve the situation.

    Sorry for the late revert as i could read it just now.

    With best wishes,

    1. Thanks a lot Sir. Any review and reply is important to us. It motivates us the way you may never imagine. We are always thankful for the support from the people like you, who understand our point of view and try to spread positivity. It’s our ultimate goal.

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