Dieting or Die Eating? – Exercise or Extra Size?

Dieting or Die eating by Shailee Sheth

I am just 25, and still feel like I am the eldest person in the house when it comes to health issues. I am telling this because my parents visit a doctor 2 times a year and I need to visit more than my parents do! From general physician to a skin specialist to an orthopedic surgeon for to dentist – I need to visit them all. And it is not a good feeling as it feels like I am having a 52 years old aatma in my 25 years old body! That’s a wake-up call for me and here I am, sharing my ‘happy realization’ with all of you so that you don’t take your health as lightly as I did! Because, it is annoying, and supppaaa costly!

Accept it or not, we all have taken our health for granted. Stop fooling yourself and tell me the truth – How many of you do the ‘real’ exercise and follow healthy diet routine just to strengthen your mind and body? Very few!

There is another negative point. A few years back, when we remember someone and they suddenly appear, we Indians tend to say “100 saal jiyoge!” and they feel happy. Nowadays their sudden reactions are like, “Bhai, marvaoge kya! ‘Healthy 60’ is fine.” Why? Because everyone believes that we are not going to stay fit with the lifestyle we are pursuing. Then why we are not changing it?

Being True to Self

Stop blaming ‘food,’ for god’s sake! “Aajka khana pina aur hawa paani hi shuddh nahin hai!” – it is a silly argument. Food is not coming in our mouth until we CHOOSE to eat them. We make choices and find one bowl of Maggi more interesting than one bowl of Moong. I am the worst case scenario. I always end up choosing wrong food at the wrong time. I know some food items are just not appropriate for my tummy, but as they are tasty, I end up eating them and letting it create a disaster!

This is my humble confession. Most of the time, the taste is only about the tongue. Think, what left after five minutes of eating? Fats and calories, and no tastes. Only five minutes of pleasure may end up with constipation or something else which may disturb the entire day! I have experienced it more than my parents, and I know many of you have experienced the same! This topic is actually undebatable if we don’t want to fool ourselves.

Meaningful Selfies (For a Change)

I have seen few people taking selfies every day at the gym. I felt annoyed in the beginning, but then I compared myself with them! I do not take selfies in the gym, but guess who are more regular on the basis of regularity? Those people who take pre and post workout.selfies every day. If building bodies and taking selfies motivate them to keep moving, then why not! What’s wrong in that? They have already have taken an initiative and as we know, the main point is just to take the first step. That’s it.!

YOLO – You Only Live Once

Okay, so YOLO can give a licence to eat whatever we want! I mean c’mon, after all you only live once. Usme marr marr ke kya jeena! Sahi hai! Let’s brainstorming. Imagine you have a car and you want to go for a long drive, or say a road trip. You are having a wonderful time and your car needs fuel now. What will you do? You are enjoying the ride, there is amazing atmosphere, and you have to go off track to find the petrol pump. BUT, have you any other options? No! You must maintain your car to complete the journey. Our body is like that only. We only live once, but we have to maintain our body in which we are traveling.

Dieting or Die Eating by Shailee Sheth

Dieting or Die Eating – Exercise or Extra Size

Choose well. And first of all, stop cheating yourself! Save your heart, mind, and body from silly arguments and laziness. Start loving your body as much as you love your soul, because it is the HOME. Don’t overthink, and start SOMETHING! Invest in your body.

  • If you don’t like to run, walk or take stairs instead of the elevator!
  • If you don’t like the gym, join some yoga or dance classes!
  • If you can’t leave pizza and Meggi, just add a plate of salad before the meals!
  • If you can’t live without sodas or drinks, reduce their proportions!
  • If you can’t leave tobacco, try some nicotine patches initially!

At least TRY! Take an initiative. Motivate yourself to work hard. Find an exercise partner. Ignore the people who keep talking about your failed attempts, they want you to give up. Don’t be a quitter in this matter. Believe in yourself, just breath, and start moving. All the very best, my rockstars! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Dieting or Die Eating? – Exercise or Extra Size?

  1. What a title! Dieting or Die Eating!! And Exercise or Extra Size!!!
    Kudos for such title and article by which you have given us food for thought?.
    Also you have avoided alluring factor of Maa ke haath ka khana..
    Keep it up.

    1. Haha. Thank you so much. And yes, “Maa k Hath ka khana” is always nutritious. The problem is, we blindly follow the western culture and take cheese or butter instead of “Shuddh Ghee.” We avoid Ghee on the roti or parantha, but can’t stop eating the cheese burst pizza! In short, we have to stop fooling ourselves. That’s the whole point of my article.

  2. Fact of the life, we give more importance to tongue than rest, beautiful article & eye opener to Young generation.keep it up

    1. Yes, exactly my point. Young generation should be back to basics to understand health as a whole. We talk a lot and do nothing. If mom sends us to purchase Dahi from the nearby grocery store, we resist. But, never hesitate to give 10000 rupees to the gym trainer. Irony!

  3. Hii shaileeee!
    Nice Article related to Health..

    Exercise is excellent for health.
    Regular exercise is maintain our health and reduce risk of health problems..

  4. Excellent thought, but I like YOLO.
    I would like to add one more word which means a lot with health. That is “Hygiene”. More than 50% of health problems arise due to no hyigenic habits.

  5. Excellent Article…And yes i also take selfies in gym on regular basis to motivate my self..but it needed to do more achieve more and u cn compare ur self frm yesterday..

    1. I completely agree. That is why I specially covered this point in my article. We should not stop any factors which help us to keep us motivated. Whether they are selfies, new gym wear, or any other! Don’t ever stop taking photos of your achievement. They are not for others – but for yourself. Kudos. 🙂

  6. First of all I do like the pics of foods you have put in this article which is mouth watering itself….There are always 2 sides of coins and it depends how we look at it and it differs from person to person or case to case. Somebody require diet or exercise to maintain BMI while others who don’t do anything to maintain no diet /exercise but still they could maintain their health.. what we are today is the effect of our thoughts …Remind of those days where village people don’t do this kind of things like diet/exercise but still they are healthy.. even healthy person died at the early age so there are many factors but of course as you well said by giving example of car is agreed upon ..To support your article I remember one quote goes like this. .’Abs are made in kitchen not in gym’….Nice article..

    1. Yes. I couldn’t agree more. I always discuss such stuff with my parents and grandparents. In villages, even if they never do diet or exercise, they managed to stay healthy because of their ACTIVE lifestyle. They used to play, meditate, and mainly, their food items used to be pure. Maybe these are the main reasons.
      The other thing is, even if someone is super healthy, they can die. Completely agree. But, it is always better to die healthy than to suffer from the illness, directly or indirectly created by self. In this case, THOUGHTS play a very important role as you said. Thank you so much for this interesting comment. I really appreciate your involvement.

  7. This is a very nice article. What me and my husband does is we do both. We exercise and we also have cheat days wherein we can eat whatever we want. I think balance is the key but we really need to exercise so that we can be sure that we will stay healthy.

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