Dekhne me kya harz hai? – A happening short film

Dekhne me kya harz hai by Shailee Sheth

“If you respect her choice, she will respect your opinion.”

Today I am sharing a sweet little short film, which is funny but actually having a deep thought inside it. It is based on reverse psychology and the way of discussing something important so that it can leave an impact on the other person. This is a story of every Indian girl who wants a simple, yet not at all boring; adventurous, yet quite settled, and clumsy yet sorted life partner. It is relatable to the boys also. They also want a life partner who can manage the household activities without compromising her career.

You may or may not agree with this short film, but here the point is; how the parents are trying to convince their child for marriage! So all the parents out there, nowadays, it does not work what YOU want for your children as parents, and every parent should understand that! It’s time for a change. Know what your children think, know what they want, know how they feel, don’t force your decisions, rather, guide them and give them time to analyze your choices.

After all, it’s THEIR life – you are just a part of it, but an important one! Don’t make them choose between you and what they dream of! I know some of you may not like this statement, but you also know that it is a hardcore reality now. And as this short film conveys, “If you respect their choice, they will surely respect your opinions.”

On the other hand, this film is the great example of BAAP… AAKHIR BAAP HOTA HAI! 😀 Every parent should research like this if they are going for an arranged marriage of their children. Now its time to avoid the barriers of caste, religions and all that “Kundli mili ki nahi, manglik to nai hai na?” kind of stuff. Now its time to match the mentality and the compatibility of two people!

So people, keep calm and grab a seat for just 5 minutes to enjoy this video. Have a happy and full of laughter weekend ahead! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Dekhne me kya harz hai? – A happening short film

  1. Very nice..
    Remembered Mausi wala scene of sholay for a moment..
    Aunty bhi na… Ekdum techno savvy..
    Uncle traditional.. But they planned very well.. Your article on negative stroke also remembered..
    However, yes.. Many working women now a days don’t get married timely due to career oriented attitude or looking for better one than on hand.. And by the time they realize the mistake its too late..

    Thanks for sharing it.. Keep doing the good work..

  2. Nice video,
    Shailee, i think this is ( videos) right way to connect. Long long texts are not so easy to read in busy schedules.

    I am sure, this post will find lot of veiwers….

  3. Great msg in very simple language.
    Now the time gone when children has to follow parents blindly.
    Now new generation is very fast & with lots of hopes & they know also how to reach Goal.
    This is the example how parents can cope up with thinking style of new generation.

    Very effective & influencing video.

  4. I like this film. Now a days convincing on both parents & children’s. Short but sweet move. Thanks for sharing.

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