Bahon Mein Chale Aao… By Ghulam Ali

Bahon me chale aao by Snehal & Shailee Sheth

Hello Friends,

Many of you loved the Ganesh Vandana, which was shared by GupShup a few days back. Thank you for being such a wonderful audience. This week, GupShup wants to share one of the most popular songs – “Bahon Mein Chale Aao…” in the voice of Ghulam Ali.

The famous song “Bahon Mein Chal Aao”  was sung by Lataji. It was uniquely composed by Rahul Dev Burman for the movie ‘Anamika’ in 1973.  Even after more than 40 years, the popularity of this song is intact! Most of us must have enjoyed this song repeatedly. Even today’s generation admires this romantic song as Lataji and RD both are at their best!!!

But, have you heard this song in the voice of Ghulam Ali? If not, then enjoy the same today.


Here is the link:


Liked it? Click here to download: Bahon Me Chale Aao By Ghulam Ali

Like all of us, Ghulam Ali is also a big fan of Lataji and vice-a-versa. At one of the concerts of Ghulam Ali, where Lataji was also present, Ghulam Ali presented this song on the insistence of Lataji.

And what a surprise…!

Only the legend-like Ghulam Ali can add this much amount of variation and masti in such a well-known and super popular number.

Note: I have tried to present the same song recited by Ghulam Ali along with the original… Like ‘Mukhda” after ‘Mukhda” and ‘Antara” after “Antara”. Let us see how the GupShup Community can enjoy the experiment.

5 thoughts on “Bahon Mein Chale Aao… By Ghulam Ali

  1. Shailee I beg to differ with you about this song being sung by Ghulam Aliji. This is sung by Ustad Imtiaz Ali and Riaz Ali.

    Here is the link :

  2. This is great finding shailee …..
    This song in the voice of GULAM ALI is also very surprised to me…..
    Have enjoyed a lot ….
    Great….keep it up. …..

  3. Shaileee:
    We listen to entire song this morning with family. It was snowy outside with almost -16 with this superhitsong. Amazing experience.

    Loved it. Looking forward for some more like this!! I keep reading almost every thong that you published.

    Original by Lataji

    This song is one of those songs which we would want to listen when we are with the mixed emotions…
    I still like the version of Lataji… With due respect to all those who have sung this song later…

    Shailee, making us listen this song in the winter morning is an awesome step… All those mixed feelings once again popped up…

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