Aloha (Coordination of mind and heart within each person)

Aloha by Shailee Sheth

I have always been an over-thinker. Parents and close friends keep suggesting me to think less about life and just focus on one thing at a time; as overthinking create chaos and live with the flow is always helpful. I continuously try to believe it and keep telling that to everyone, but somehow couldn’t convince myself completely.

But, when I was here at this place – in front of the holy water of Ganga – I just couldn’t understand why I am feeling free! Why I am feeling calm! Why I am relaxed! Why I am not thinking anything! Why I am so grounded today! I was just enjoying… I didn’t care about how I look, what I am wearing, my social media posts, or what other people think about me!

Divine Ganga and ME!

River Ganga, Rishikesh, India
River Ganga, Rishikesh, India

Suddenly I realized that everything I’ve mentioned doesn’t matter actually! Suddenly I found this cliché true; that we are not here to impress people. We are here to live and celebrate each and every moment. Just sitting in front of Ganga and looking at its flowing water, I experienced relaxation. This place is peaceful, calm, and positive. There, I got a hint of thoughtlessness, for which I really crave for!

Ganga Aarti, Har ki Pauri, Haridwar, India

Here at Ganga Aarti, I was mesmerized. I asked myself why I am liking all of this so much! I do not feel the same feeling at some other places. Why here? What’s new in this atmosphere? The peacefulness? The divine instruments? The people? Or the fire inside me? Then I started introspection. I was aware of my surrounding, but I didn’t have any thoughts in mind. (Which is rare!) I wanted to write something about River Ganga and her divine vibes, but I couldn’t!

Divine Ganga, Rishikesh, India

So, after all these temporary but important experiences; I realized that what people say is correct – There are some magic and positive vibes in this place. I really got some glimpse of thoughtlessness here. I had thoughts, still became thoughtless. Isn’t it strange? Actually, no it’s not! It’s the power of nature – clean, calm, and correct!

River Ganga has something magical in her flowing water, which makes you realize that you are “just a small dot” of this eternal universe. Then why this much tension? Why worrying? GupShup believes; “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!” Be true to yourself and keep going – just like a river.


13 thoughts on “Aloha (Coordination of mind and heart within each person)

    1. Very nice article shaileee,
      The Ganges is one of the most sacred river to Hindus. It is also a lifeline to millions of Indians who live along its course and depend on it for their daily needs. It is worshipped as the goddess Ganga in Hinduism.It has also been important historically, with many former provincial or imperial capital.

  1. Dear Shaileeee,

    The answer of your introspection is well described in our sacred books.
    In our Hindu philosophy it is narrated as ” NAIMISHARANYA KHETRA”.

    In simple words it is a virtual positive atmosphere created at the place just because of presence of either God or his equivalent holy Saints who stayed there for while in past. Still the effect can be felt. .
    In NAIMISHARANYA KHETRA” “Manomay Chakra ni Dhara kunthit thay chhe” means… You feel energetic, relaxed, calm and no more thoughts generates in mind and mind stops thinking any more.

    I feel that you might have experienced such divinity…
    Keep continue feeling such divinity and be happy.

    Jai Swaminarayan…

  2. you are “just a small dot” of this eternal universe. Then why this much tension? Why worrying? GupShup believes; “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!” Be true to yourself and keep going – just like a river.

    We frequently forget that we r small dot in this Giant Universe & we start interfere & trying to change our surrounding & circumstances, & we should do like that only.

    But, Ultimately, we have to accept Sharan of that Almighty who planned all things for Us but we don’t know anything.
    & When life gives us lemon, we r expecting any another thing & we forget to use that lemon & start complaining that we are not treated neutraly.

    It’s great to Keep going like river but very very tough to accept & enjoy it.

  3. I visited this holy place before a year ago and still feeling the speechless experience I had there. And I think every believer may have the same feeling about the River Ganga and its effect on mind and heart.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great experience of such a divine place…

    Also feels need some depth too to feel such a silence …Otherwise many people visit there and returns …

    Nice interpretation and insight in your words…May help everyone to rethink on all the worries and nuisance of ego…

    Wish such experience for myself and all !!!

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