Few Solutions of the Age of Confusions – Part 2

The age of confusions by Shailee Sheth

Hey Guys… Welcome Back… I know it’s been quite a long break between these ‘…to be continued’ articles. Let me rewind it a bit. We were talking about the age of confusions and few of its solutions for our ‘young but not so young’ buddies. If you want, you can read the ‘Part 1’ again here on gogupshup.com/age-of-confusions/

Today, I want to share few more details my teenage buddies should know. I have also shared a WONDERFUL, AND THE BEST speech of Simon Sinek on Millenials. Many of you must have heard it. But if not, then don’t be lazy and listen to him without fail after reading these points. Okay, Let’s continue… 🙂

In my last post, I’ve shared few of the learnings my teenage taught me;

  1. Pull up your sleeves and Gear up!
  2. Passion Possession & Profession
  3. From the crawling to scrolling – We all grew up!

Let’s continue to the 4th point.

4. India’s got talent??? – Use that.

I have an idea to complete a task which seems impossible to achieve. We can connect everything with our talent. We should find ways to use our skills. If the activity is being demanding and stopping you from becoming an enthusiast about it, slow it down and give it a chance.

After all, you know that you have to study even if you are dying to leave it. Right? So, why not to have some fun ways to complete it? Try your craziest ideas and new varieties to make each subject attractive. (I know our education system is failing it. We will discuss it too on GupShup. But you… KEEP EXPERIMENTING.)

We can also spend time with those people who can help us in our projects. Again, take a small break from your ‘fun dudes’ and virtual friends to be with some useful people for your growth. Such people can help you with the critical information you had no idea that it could be so exciting or even existing.

5. Friendships & Family – Reel or Real?

If you are a teenager, you must be enjoying all the new facilities a lot. The new vehicles, fancy clothes, smartest phones, and lots of crushes. In our teenage, we tend to give a lot of attention to our ‘temporary’ friends that we almost forget our family! Don’t mind me saying that if we are getting old, our parents are getting older and they too have the issues of mood swings like you have! Learn patience, my friend.

Treat them right. Try to make them friends, and I PROMISE they (and only they) are the real ones! Spend time with family just by postponing your virtual friendship at least at the dinner table. I can say this from my personal experience that when I feel down, or I am in emotional need, only and only my parents treat me right. That too, without judging and being selfish! Train your brain to understand the difference between reel & real.

In short; “Be an amazing, idealistic, fantastic generation. Build confidence, learn patience, learn the social skills, and find a better BALANCE between life and technology. It’s the ONLY right thing to do!”



Simplifying your life is like running – not at all complicated! You don’t need gadgets or monthly magazines to do this activity. Just keep moving each day – one step at a time. Don’t be depressed when you get the low score or having a breakup. Don’t be afraid of heartbreak. It will teach you some more fundamentals of life! Just stay strong, lift your head, and secure your crown! Have a Happy and BEST New Year this year. And ya, stay tuned with GupShup. 😉 And if there is any difficulty, contact me. I am always here.


Many of you find this topic related to your life and relevant to your children. I am glad that at least I touched your thoughts a bit! Thank you. And yes, indeed it is related. If we observe our past and our present keenly, we can surely find many flaws for which we are not taking care of! And once we decide to make our life organized like before, everything seems just fine! Just be neutral to you and have honest opinions for yourself.

Some of my best reader friends think that each point of this article has the potential to be in a separate post. Thank you guys for all your honest reviews. I shortened the articles to make it reader-friendly, but I will surely come up with all these broad topics as the independent articles. Thanks again and keep sharing your thoughts via comments, emails, or the social media.

2 thoughts on “Few Solutions of the Age of Confusions – Part 2

  1. Hey shaileeee,

    Nice crisp and crunchy drafting again.

    This is the age where enthusiasm is at the peak and if the talent is not directed in right direction there are ample chances that it will either go to the wrong way or it will remain there hidden to no one’s benefit.. That is where these articles of yours will play the part..
    Parents now days at the least priority to many and the moment they realised the importance of parents it’s too late.. I personally believe that parents are the best thing we can have at any point of life..They are the only ones in the world who have unconditional love for us.. Love them and God will love you..

    Keep writing, we are waiting..

  2. The complete idea of two parts in nutshell

    “Be an amazing, idealistic, fantastic generation. Build confidence, learn patience, learn the social skills, and find a better BALANCE between life and technology. It’s the ONLY right thing to do!”

    Keep the good work ticking..

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